“Where can an art be found that will compare with photography? 

….we , who work with the sun itself, term the art which we practice a glorious art, 

and feel justly proud of its capabilities.”

Thomas Frederick Hardwich   1860






In 1983 I became an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and completed a Diploma in Photography.  More recently I have become interested in the early days of the profession, from 18th century pre-photography to the mid Victorian era.  Early women photographers have been omitted from much of this history and are now the main focus of my research.

An on going blog is available as an information resource, collecting together current available information and concentrating on women with little previous online presence. 

In 2017 I led a successful crowdfunding campaign to restore and rededicate Victorian pioneer photographer Robert Howlett’s neglected grave.  Details of the restoration can be found here.  A full biography of Robert Howlett’s short but eventful life, and a comprehensive catalogue of his work are in progress.

The first biography of Robert Howlett’s close friend Thomas Frederick Hardwich is available at www.photohistories.com

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