Rose started her photographic journey in 1983, qualifying with a Diploma in Photography and gaining an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society.  She is now a PhD candidate with the Photographic History Research Centre at De Montfort University, researching early women photographers 1839-1860.

Rose turned her attention to the history of photography following the discovery of Victorian photographer Robert Howlett’s neglected grave in 2015.  The subsequent crowdfunded grave restoration and rededication was accompanied by comprehensive biographical research into his short life.  The biography is now in its final stages, with new information and attributed images regularly coming to light. Rose also maintains a list of his known images worldwide.

The role of women in the earliest days of photography is also a strong focus, building on collaborative research with Graham Harrison into the life of Anna Atkins. This website hosts a blog archive of brief biographies, highlighting women of significance to photography between 1839 and 1860 with little previous representation.

Rose occasionally provides talks or lectures covering research into photographic history.

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New York Public Library, 3rd November 2018

Anna Atkins – Her Life and Legacy

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